It Came From The Basement:  Clip of the week

It Came From The Basement: Clip of the week May 18 2014 | POSTED BY Brian Dillon

Here at Gorgon, we maintain a vault of real live actual celluloid film! Lots and lots of it. Here... we’ve got pictures to prove it.


As an ongoing feature, we’ll be sifting through our vaults to offer you a taste of the peculiarities lying within. This inaugural clip is the long-unseen home video release trailer for one of our upcoming Gorgon releases, EVILS OF THE NIGHT. You can literally smell the VHS. Enjoy!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Finds Love in France

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Finds Love in France May 18 2014 | POSTED BY Nicole Mikuzis

The spectacular 40th Anniversary 4K restoration of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre played to a packed house as part of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival Director’s fortnight program. Director Tobe Hooper was in attendance, and the film was enthusiastically introduced by director, Nic Winding Refn, who proclaimed, "I want to give the palm d'or to Tobe Hooper, because he should have gotten it 40 years ago. Oscars you buy. Palms you earn."  Hooper was honored by long standing ovations both before and after the screening.

The film originally played in Cannes Director’s Fortnight back in 1974. 

Stay tuned for more information about the US theatrical re- release!

SKINNER May 18 2014 | POSTED BY Brian Dillon

Here’s a wild brew for you. Take a seriously unhinged performance by Ted Raimi, add the inimitable acting prowess and screaming power of former talk show hostess Ricki Lake, shake with a shockingly emotional performance by former adult film starlet Traci Lords, sprinkle with sweaty turns by esteemed character actors David Warshofsky and Richard Schiff, and what do you have? SKINNER, a somewhat lost 90s film that still packs a wallop, especially considering that the director is Ivan Nagy, former boyfriend of Hollywood Madame Heidi Fleiss, who kindly provided us with a very candid on-camera interview about the film and his career.

Look for the amazing SKINNER, coming soon on GORGON VIDEO!!