SKINNER May 18 2014 | POSTED BY Brian Dillon

Here’s a wild brew for you. Take a seriously unhinged performance by Ted Raimi, add the inimitable acting prowess and screaming power of former talk show hostess Ricki Lake, shake with a shockingly emotional performance by former adult film starlet Traci Lords, sprinkle with sweaty turns by esteemed character actors David Warshofsky and Richard Schiff, and what do you have? SKINNER, a somewhat lost 90s film that still packs a wallop, especially considering that the director is Ivan Nagy, former boyfriend of Hollywood Madame Heidi Fleiss, who kindly provided us with a very candid on-camera interview about the film and his career.

Look for the amazing SKINNER, coming soon on GORGON VIDEO!!


Darrin on July 09 2014 at 06:52AM


Make sure you release the uncut version. The previous DVD from many years ago was a cut print, but the earlier VHS was uncut. Thanks.

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