Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Fast Fact

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Fast Fact May 18 2014 | POSTED BY Nicole Mikuzis

The original poster art for HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER was created by none other than Joe Coleman, a fine artist whose work is highly sought-after and commands lofty prices internationally. The original painting now resides in the private collection of HENRY director (and art aficionado) John McNaughton. 

Oddly enough, our first exposure to Mr. Coleman came via our VHS release of Mondo New York, an unusual shockumentary on the underground performance art scene of mid-1980s NYC. Mr. Coleman appears in a live performance piece in which he ignites a brick of firecrackers strapped to his chest and bites the heads off of live mice, leaving shocked audience members running for the doors... ah, art!

The piece was so shocking that the film’s release was delayed due to a lawsuit filed by “The Price Is Right” figurehead and animal rights activist Bob Barker. In the end, Bob lost and we... won?




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