It Came From The Basement:  It’s the art, Dammit!

It Came From The Basement: It’s the art, Dammit! June 02 2014 | POSTED BY Nicole Mikuzis

Part of VHS’ enduring appeal is the emotional connection to the artwork that graced the large clamshell cases. This was art with a capital “A” -- pre-computer, pre-photoshop; home-grown, hand-painted, full color renderings of the mayhem and murder contained within the film itself. Artists created their visions on canvas in various mediums which were then sent to full service printing studio for photos, reduction, typeset and print and soon thereafter the store shelves.

Last year we discovered several gorgeous pieces of original artwork from Gorgon’s earliest releases. We are hoping to uncover more, and if we find enough of them we’d love to organize gallery exhibit devoted to the early art of VHS marketing! Write us if you have any information or materials you’d care to share. 

Also look out for limited-edition screen-print versions of the below pieces. Can you identify the releases associated with the art?





Bryan Schuessler on July 02 2014 at 08:13PM

The artwork is from TOWER OF EVIL. Very cool artwork.

Darrin on June 27 2014 at 08:03PM


Would you consider an offer (or is there a price you’d let a piece go for) for any of the original VHS art? I am a private collector and would love to own one or more of them.
Thanks very much.

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